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The yo-yo effect is in our DNA!

Gained back all the weight you lost? Well, you are not alone. About 80% of people who lose weight regain everything after one year! Discover how your genes influence this process.

Weight loss-regain can be a never-ending cycle. It is not an easy task to maintain the extra pounds after losing them. But do you know why this happens? 

The most common reasons are: choosing a very restrictive short-term diet that is too difficult to follow; or losing the motivation to keep the diet after achieving our goals.

Regained lost weight

However, there is another explanation - our genes! Our tendency to gain weight after doing a diet also has a genetic background. A gene named ADIPOQ has a great influence on our successful weight loss.

Scientists have proven that people with at least one rare copy of the ADIPOQ gene are more likely to be successful in avoiding the so-called yo-yo effect after losing weight. Only about 20% of the world population is so lucky to have such genes! If this is your case, it means that keeping your good shape after losing extra kilos is “a piece of cake” for you!

Keep in mind that having such positive genetics doesn’t mean that you can eat everything you want once you have reached your desired body weight. It is important that you build healthy habits that will last for years.

regained lost weight

But what happens with the other 80% of us?

Well, all the other 80% have the common GG genotype and need to put extra effort to keep the ideal body weight.

If you are among them, your genes will determine that it’s more likely that you will gain back all the weight you lost. This doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed in maintaining your ideal body weight. It is more difficult, of course, but doing a proper diet based on your genetics and changing lifestyle habits will help you to avoid the yo-yo effect.

DNA testing for weight loss

A scientific research performed at Stanford University has proved that diets based on genetic analysis are truly effective. The study discovered that people who had been eating according to their genes lost 4 kilograms more than those who had been trying to lose weight in no accordance with their genetics.

Weigh yourself on Wednesdays!

Researchers have found that Wednesday weigh-ins are somehow the most accurate. Did you know that? Since weight naturally varies throughout the week, we recommend monitoring your body weight once a week to avoid regaining the lost weight.

Our final tip: if you decide to lose weight after regaining it, we suggest that you don’t starve yourself! Quickly achieved results are often short-lived. Try a long-lasting solution to keep the extra kilos far away from you.

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NutriFit is a DNA test that can help you to avoid the yo-yo effect.

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