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Lactose intolerance causes abdominal bloating, cramps and headaches

If you experience abdominal bloating, cramps and headaches within 15 minutes to 2 hours after ingesting milk or dairy products, you could be lactose intolerant and not even be aware of it.

At GenePlanet we developed a fast and painless genetic research method NutriFit that provides you with all the answers to improve quality of your life and ease your lactose intolerance symptoms.

Have you noticed various different symptoms after digesting milk or dairy products? Symptoms could vary from diarrhoea, abdominal bloating, cramping in worst cases even nausea and vomiting. But symptoms are not restricted just to gut problems. Lactose intolerance can cause systemic complaints, such as a headache, vertigo, memory impairment, lethargy, muscle and joint pains, allergy, cardiac arrhythmia, mouth ulcers, and sore throat.

Are you lactose intolerant?

Systemic complaints due to lactose intolerance have been reported in 20% to 86% of patients. The incidence of lactose intolerance varies significantly among different ethnic groups. The disease affects about 15% of Caucasians in the USA and Europe. In Japanese and Chinese population, the disease affects about 80% of the people, while virtually all the indigenous people of South America are affected.

Only DNA analysis of MCM6 gene will provide the answer if you are among population affected. For that reason we strongly recommend our Nutrifit research test that will reveal your genetic predispositions for lactose intolerance.   


What causes lactose intolerance?

Most people are born with the ability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and used for the nourishment of newborns. Many people’s lactase levels decline gradually and many people become lactose intolerant over time. That is a phenomenon that greatly depends on a person’s genetic background. Lactose intolerance arises due to the absence of the lactase enzyme, that is defined by the variant within gene MCM6. This gene regulates the activity of the gene LCT which consequently determines whether we will have the lactase enzyme or not.

Improve the quality of your life

Some people have only mild symptoms of lactose intolerance and further more symptoms aren`t uniform in all people. But one is certain - lactose intolerant individuals should exclude all milk products from their diet. Which represents a problem because in many cases, people don`t realize that lactose intolerance is a cause for various symptoms they are experiencing. Only genetic testing can provide accurate answers. NutriFit method is fast, reliable and painless way to find out all there is to know about your genetic predisposition and to improve the quality of your life.

Discover our NutriFit

NutriFit represents an individually tailored diet advice and lifestyle plan according to your genes.

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