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Fat burning gene, are you there?

Are you doing a lot of exercises and still not burning fat? Perhaps you don't have the gene that burns fat!

So, there is a gene that burns fat and its name is LPL. Some lucky people have it, but most of us, unfortunately, don’t! Do you know what is your case?

Do you have the fat burning gene or not?

If you don't, what should you do then? Are you doing the right sports for your genetics?

In other words: which sports should you be doing if you don't have the fat burning gene?

The gene that burns fat and sports

We all know that aerobic exercises (also called endurance) can help us to burn the extra fat in our body. But why do some people simply cannot lose weight despite doing endurance activities?

If you said "genetics", you are right! More precisely, the LPL gene - an important key to unlocking our fat metabolism. Scientifically speaking, people who carry two common copies of the LPL gene is considered a "Fat Burning Gene Absent". From the perspective of fat-loss, their benefit from cardio activities has no extra benefit!

On the other hand, who has one or two rare copies of the LPL gene is considered "Fat Burning Gene Present". Meaning that for them cardio activities are twice as beneficial when compared to individuals with common LPL gene!

A scientific research on which NutriFit report is based has proved exactly that! After a 20-week progressive endurance training program, individuals with a rare variant of the LPL gene had lost 2-times more fat deposits than those who did not have this favourable variant of the gene.

gene that burns fat

If you don’t have the gene that burns fat, what should you do then?

Well, no need to say that who doesn't have the fat burning gene has to, first of all, understand their genetic makeup and do other types of exercises.

Let's do the maths: to lose 1 Kg of body weight only by physical activity, a person without the rare gene would have to burn up to 7,000 calories. In 1 hour of cycling, we spend 600 to 900 calories. Conclusion: a person without the fat burning gene would need to cycle for 8-12 hours to lose 1 Kg! Quite impossible, isn't it?

NutriFit can tell you if you are so lucky to have one or two copies of the fat burning gene or if this gene is absent. After that, you can know which sports activities will finally help you to burn fat.

Source study Fat Burning gene: Garenc et al. (2001). Evidence of LPL gene-exercise interaction for body fat and LPL activity: the HERITAGE Family Study. J Appl Physiol 91(3)

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