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Do you have a genetic risk of becoming overweight?

Scientists have discovered that 60% of our body weight depends on our genes! A genetic mutation seems to protect us against becoming overweight and a DNA diet testing can show you if you are this lucky one!

Why do some people eat whatever they wish and still don't gain weight?

We're all aware that being overweight is caused by an imbalance between the intake and the use of energy and the lack of physical activities. When we consume more calories than we spend, we gain weight!

But genetics is also an important factor in this tricky game of losing and gaining weight.

How can genetics influence our risk of gaining weight?

Scientists have discovered that our genetic makeup determines 60% of our final body weight! The other 40% depends on other factors like diet, sports and lifestyle.

To reduce our body mass we need to burn more calories than we consume. Energy consumption largely depends on the so-called basal metabolism, which is the smallest amount of energy that our body needs to maintain its vital functions.

People who are overweight have a lower basal metabolic rate and need a lower energy intake per day!

The thing is: basal metabolism largely depends on our genetic makeup!

Numerous genes can be responsible for our risk of becoming overweight. Undoubtedly, one of the most important genes is the MC4R, which is involved in appetite regulation and in maintaining the ratio of ingested and burned calories.

It has been scientifically proven that people with a favourable variant of this gene have a smaller chance of becoming overweight: a mutation in the DNA sequence close to the MC4R gene is the one to thank for! By doing a DNA diet testing, you can discover if you are lucky to have this mutation.

Why should I do a DNA diet testing to discover my risk of being overweight?

Knowing your genes is the first step to unlock the key to fight obesity. NutriFit Premium - a DNA diet testing that helps you keep the good shape - will discover your genetic risk of being overweight. You can then benefit from a diet and fitness plan based on your DNA.

If you discover that you have a high risk for storing energy and gaining weight, remember that, despite genetics, there is still a lot that depends on your personal action: diet, lifestyle and sports activities. For each genetic makeup, NutriFit will recommend a personalised diet and sports plan based on the DNA.

Giving up bad eating habits is the first and, at the same time, the most crucial measure for reducing excess body weight.

By doing NutriFit, you can also discover your tendency for weight loss-regain ("yo-yo effect") and if you have the fat burning gene!





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